Callet SIMA Trumpet
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What if…you could get a custom trumpet that featured key elements of some of the greatest vintage horns of all time. For example, consider this list of features:
  • Leadpipe-From the cherished pre-war French Besson
  • Valve Section-Adapted from the vintage Martin Committee
  • Bell-Similar to Callet Jazz but new metallurgy and gauge
  • Bore-Optimized for efficiency, power, and core
  • Third Valve Slide-Inverted for improved focus, slotting, and intonation
  • First Valve Throw Ring-Not needed to play in tune
  • Braces-Positioned for better sound and improved performance
  • Intonation-Perfected through balance of every detail
  • Sound-Unsurpassed in richness, power, brilliance, and intonation
  • Quality-Handmade in the USA by top craftsmen

Additional specifications and information:
  • Bore: Unlike many previous Callet horns which were large bore, the SIMA is medium bore at 0.453”.
  • Bell: The bell was designed for rich overtones, remaining vibrant at all sound levels and in all registers, and projecting with a focused core.
  • Intonation: Intonation is unsurpassed, even to the point of rendering the 1st slide adjuster unnecessary and the 3rd slide rarely needing any tuning adjustment at all.
  • Weight and balance: The SIMA is a medium weight horn, about 2.34 lbs. Front-to-back balance makes it feel lighter in the hands.
  • Manufacturer: Every SIMA is handmade by Kanstul in California to Jerome Callets’ exacting specs.
  • Q.A. and final testing: Every SIMA is inspected and play-tested by Jerome Callet. Using his personal tools, he makes a final leadpipe adjustment before shipping.
  • Design elements: Many elements make the horn exceptional and were not simply incorporated by chance. Countless tests resulted in the final design of bracings, slide nib combinations, Amado water keys, upside-down 3rd slide tuning hook, no 1st slide tuning hook, and other features.
Available Finishes: Silver Plate, Gold Lacquer
Price (Either Finish): $2700